Iphone 5 Car Cradle

Iphone 5 Car Cradle




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Find process respawn time.

Windows services will respawn if configured too, however it can be useful to find the time a process was last respawned, the following script snippet can achieve this for you.


Enjoy 🙂

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Powershell Remote Set DNS Servers

Another i forgot to share 🙂

Want to change DNS on a remote box but can’t be arsed to login to it.?

Simples 🙂


Be warned this targets all enabled NIC’s on the pc you specify in the list.txt file.

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Obtain registry values from remote machines

Cobbled this together some time ago and forgot to share it. Essentially it queeries machines for the install version of Symantec Endpoint Protection (if installed).

Can be used to get registry values from anywhere in the registry and drops the output to a nice table as well Smile see bottom.

Could be easily adapted to target an AD OU instead of a text file if needed,

$ComputerList = Get-Content "C:\powershell\Get_Sep_Ver\list.txt" foreach ($computer in $computerlist) {Get-RegString -ComputerName $computer -Hive LocalMachine -Key "SOFTWARE\Symantec\Symantec Endpoint Protection\CurrentVersion" -Value PRODUCTVERSION | Select-Object ComputerName,Value,Data}



And the resultant output


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Remote registry query with nice output

Needed to easily query a bunch of pc’s for a file version so cobbled the following together, can be adopted for anything you like really.

And sample output below.



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PS Script to remotely set NIC dns server assignments.

Be warned this changes all active DNS bindings on the targeted machines

Specify list of machines to target in the list.txt file and bobs your marley 🙂




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Remote Query installed programs

Very quick one this but a nice one just the same, saves having to log onto the server in question.



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Handy PS script to restart a failed service.

Tired of babysitting poor code and crap services, then you might find this of use.

Save it as a PS1 file and create a scheduled task to run it every 5 minutes… Job Done.

Simply amend for your chosen service and amend the SMTP server settings.


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Quickly find OU’s linked to a GPO

If you ever need to quickly and easily find OU’s linked to a specific GPO then you can use the following function


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Alien X-Mode Quad v2 Endurance Build Pt3… Motors Props and AUW considerations.!!

Well what can i say apart from I’m a Muppet, my original plan was to use 470KV motors
and 14” props on the Aeroxcraft X55 arms.. How wrong could i be.!!!
14” wont fit, and neither will 13”s Sad smile check this out below … Argghh.!!

prop hit

So after much deliberation i thought the hell with it go with 12” props and MN3508 580KV motors .. But oh wait..,. Nowhere in the UK has them in stock ..Grr!!.

The quad gods are definitely not on my side, so eventually managed to order some SunnySky 4108 600KV motors.

Ecalc comparisons below, shouldn’t loose too much efficiency.
Top is 470KV with 13”x5.5” props and bottom is 600KV with 12”x5.5” props.
Click the picture for full size version


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Alien X-Mode Quad v2 Endurance Build Pt2, Lipo Tray & Legs

OK so a little more progress now and much more deliberation Smile

So in this blog I’m just putting thoughts down on my lipo tray positioning and the landing legs.

Originally i was going to have the leg mounts near the centre but this wouldn’t make it very stable on the ground so I’ve decided to move them front and rear.

This also leaves good room for the lipo tray to be placed leaving most flexibility for CoG of the battery. The tray will have 3M Dual lock Velcro as well as a Velcro strap so the battery isn’t going to budge an inch.

Anyway enough gas from me, time for some pictures eh Smile

The legs will be cut down to half original size to bring the frame closer to the ground once completed.

Below we have where my original plan was but this would’ve made the tray mounting difficult.


And here we have the final mounting position, just need to drill 4 holes for the leg mounts and 4 for the lipo tray.


Below with the legs in placeIMG_20151123_194603IMG_20151123_194825

She’s beginning to take shape now Smile


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Alien X-Mode Quad v2 Endurance Build Pt1(Drone,UAV FPV)

So after my previous Alien 500 build which utilised X50 Aeroxcraft DJI style arms i decided it was time for a v2 Smile

This time bigger better more flight times and a better build so here we are once again at the start of what promises to be more sleepless nights mulling over which way to go.

This time round I’m going for X55 arms which will allow me to use 13” CF props, i originally hoped to be able to use 14” props but this isn’t the case, they clear the frame its just that the rear props hit the fronts Sad smile

I wanted better landing gear this time as well so have opted to fabricate some out of cut down GF-L2 Carbon Fibre landing gear from an H4-680 frame.

So 13×5.5 CF Tiger style props will be swung by Tiger MN3110 470KV motors being ran by HobbyWing Xrotor 40Amp ESC’s.

Flight controller will be a Naza M flashed to V2 with PMUv2 and iOSD Mini for the OSD.

Going to try and keep weight AUW inc lipo to 1.5KG, with a 4S5000mah lipo i should be able to get 20 minutes flying .

OK so as allways loads of pictures and notes by each one. Click zee pic for the bigger picture.


OK so as allways loads of pictures and notes by each one.

First of all some pics of the nice 1.5mm thick 3K weave plates, handy hole layout too.


Funky red alloy spacers will go well with the Aeroxcraft arms SmileIMG_20151029_192701IMG_20151029_192714

Checking out how the GoPro will fit on the frame.IMG_20151029_193140IMG_20151029_193151

Handy top plate as well ,mobius maybe? Or Foxeer Legend camera??IMG_20151029_194241

Mocking up where the landing gear will go under the frame.IMG_20151029_194505


And the CF legs in their mounts which will eventually be cut down to size.


Thumbscrews for the landing gear should i need to remove the legs.


Naza mounted on the top empty PDB and the ESC’s will be plumbed into the bottom PDB along with any accessories like navigation lights or strobes,.


All 4 arms fitted (dry) looking good allready.


Quick weigh session, this is with all 4 ESC’s and the Tiger motors mounted. 920grams

IMG_20151110_212245 (2)

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Powershell Get Last reboot time of remote computers.

Tired of logging onto machines to find out when they last rebooted?
E.G checking if they rebooted from a schedule WSUS patch, then check this little nugget Smile

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Some Bits for sale (Picture heavy post)

Eagletree Vector unused boxed £150 posted within UK

ImmersionRC DUO5800v4 with cables £85 posted within UK

Circular Wireless 12dbi 5.8Ghz helical antenna £30 posted within UK

Foxtech 12” M1200 £65 posted within the UK

Spedix S650 (Tarot 650 Style QuadCopter)
With 16×5.5 Carbon Fibre props.
This is dry built only no electrics just the frame.
Please ask questions, price includes slow post within the UK.
DOESNT come with the gimbal, that is being sold separately. £85 posted


S650 (1)S650 (2)S650 (3)S650 (4)S650 (5)S650 (6)S650 (7)S650 (8)S650 (9)S650 (10)S650 (11)S650 (12)S650 (13)S650 (14)

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2.4Ghz Simple Diversity Ground Station Pt2

So I finally got the build completed and tidy. The entire setup fits safely in my rucksack and can be assembled in 60 seconds.

After researching the db loss /foot of RG316 i calculated the loss to be negligible so it can be ignored.

So to summarize we have the following, all running of a single 3S4900mah lipo.

2 x UNO2400 Black VRX’s
Eagletree Eagleeyes Diversity Tracker Unit
2.4Ghz IBCrazy Pepperbox
2.4Ghz IBCrazy 5 turn helical, soon to be replaced with a 10 turn black cannon.
12” Foxtech FPV Non Blue Screen Monitor
DVR01 DVR For ground station recording


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UAV Mini Talon Build Pt5 Control Horns

Well after a few flights it has become apparent how bad the stock control horns are, theyre brittle and are only held in place by glue to the foam which is very bad.

I’ve decided to change mine for something a little better.

So firstly here’s a picture of the originals. (Again click de pic for ze big pic Smile)


And here’s a picture of what I’m replacing them with


And a few in situ pictures Smile – I just need to re centre the control surfaces, cut off the excess screw on the top side and go fly.


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2.4Ghz Simple Diversity Ground Station

So I’ve had enough of complicated trackers with lots of leads and noisy servos introducing RFI into the video signal, its time for something simple.

I already have a 2.4Ghz Pepperbox and a 7 turn helical so I’m thinking about making something that will mount on the top of a tripod so i will still have some manoeuvrability.

I need to make the helical attach but removable from the pepperbox.



Need to investigate cable db loss per foot so i keep as much RF signal as possible, might be able to reduce the pepperbox and helical pigtails by about 6” each.


Top down view.


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UAV Mini Talon Build Post Build Summary Video

Maiden Video and flight thoughts coming soon but in the mean time Smile



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UAV Mini Talon Build Pt4

Blogs coming in thick and fast Smile to recap Part1 Part2 & lastly Part3

In my last blog Graham Bowers made reference to the fact that i would be running elongated long power lines down to the ESC.

For those not in the know – Long ESC power runs can induce voltage spikes in the wires due to the inductance effect of the cable. This can potentially damage an ESC in flight which is not good.

What i had neglected to mention in that blog was that i was going to home brew a Power Capacitor bank using 3 x 470uF Low ESR electrolytic capacitors.

Various ESC guidelines suggest an extra 220uF per 4” of extra powerline to compensate for the extra inductance created by the long power line runs.

Below you you can see my DIY build

So 3 cap’s in parallel on a piece of veroboard Smile

caps (2)caps (3)

Obviously take care of the polarity of the capacitors on the power lines.

caps (4)

And make sure the tracks are well built up with solder and then a good covering of glue to insulate almost job done.

caps (5)

And here you can see the finished article inside the fuselage – just need to decide which side its going to be velcro’d onto.

caps (1)

Finally for this blog post I’ve decided to put the EzUHF RX in the wing to keep it away from sources of interference, so I’ve marked out the spot in readiness for foam cutting.


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UAV Mini Talon Build Pt3

So following on from Part1 and Part2 here goes another picture heavy post along with more build notes / thoughts.

I wanted to make a tray using the centre section so i can mount the ET vector on, so out came the lollipop sticks and 30 minute epoxy Smile


The Mini Talon has stacks of room inside however due to the airframe being quiet small component separation is difficult so its imperative that all RMF & EMI is kept to a minimum so out come the ferrite toroid’s Smile.

Any leads over 6” long will get a toroid.


Quick picture of the airframe dry fitted including spray painted front canopy.


Here you can see that the 10×6” prop only just clears the ground.


Oddly X-UAV decided to put the servo horns on the underside which isn’t a wise thing..


The VTX will be velcro’d to the underside of the fuselage along with a small Velcro strap to keep it in place when hurtling along at 40mph Smile


A better shot from overhead.


Quick shot of the aileron linkages, control horns are CA’d in place which i don’t like, they will be replaced with DUBRO horns throughout.


Mockup of the 40Amp ESC at the rear.


Excuse the hobbits foot again Smile and now we can see the ET Vector in place on the tray, as you can see the GPS is mounted directly on top of the vector. Fingers crossed it doent cause any interference.


And that’s a 4S3300mah lipo stuffed up the nose which with the basic gear on almost hits the CoG spot under the wings


So what’s left to do.? Well here goes.

  1. lengthen and terminate servo wires.
  2. Fit FPV camera
  3. Lengthen and terminate then fit ESC.
  4. Mount EzUHF RX in the rear
  5. Glue in servos.
  6. Fit and secure control linkages
  7. Loctite the motor mount screws and fit motor / terminate motor cables.
  8. Put some velcro in the fuze floor for the lipos.
  9. Centre all control surfaces.
  10. Test all eectronics.
  11. Finally maiden Smile
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UAV Mini Talon Build Pt2


Back again, this follows on from Pt1 which can be found here ,this post is more of a collection of pictures, “dry fits” and a thought collection process just to see how everything fits together along with any thoughts.

I need to order some UHU-POR and slow zap CA so the next update will be a while away Sad smile

As always click ze pic for a larger version Smile Enjoy.!!

Getting the centre box section ready for gluing, I will be gluing some balsa flooring in to mount the ET Vector FC on to keep things tidy.


Here you can see the talon with ESC rear mock mounted towards the motor pod, along with the ET Vector mounted in the center section, as well as a 4S3300mah lipo thrown in for sizing,.


The view up into the nose section.


Rear view of the motor pod – Excuse the hobbits foot Smile


Tail section again.


How i plan to mount the FPV cam along with the mobius.


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UAV Mini Talon Build Pt1

Well here we are again at the start of a fresh new build Smile

The requirements of this build were to be small and light enough to carry in a backpack but capable of doing 40Km trips on 4S5000-6000mah lipo’s. I already have 6 x 4S3300mah lipo’s so I’m ready to go and can always parallel a couple up for more airtime.

Ideally wanted a simple build which can carry my Mobius camera and was capable of either hand or ROG launch.

So I settled on the 1.3Mtr X-UAV Mini Talon, which is the little bro’ to the X-UAV 1.8Mtr Talon which is ruddy huge – But just might be my next build Smile

The Talon is a much more sleek design especially with the aerofoil which has allot less dihedral than my current planes so whilst it may be a tad more “twitchy” she should be nice and efficient,.


Any way this build as usual will consist of quality components to include

  1. EzUHF LRS RX with custom dipole.
  2. ET Vector – Of Course Smile
  3. Castle Creations 10 AMP UBEC
  4. Hitec HS-65HB servos all round.
  5. Effio-V 800TVL Camera
  6. 4x 16mm ferrite core toroids to filter any RFI
  7. Hobbywing X-Rotor 40Amp ESC
  8. Tiger Motor 2216 900KV with either a 9×6 or 10×6 CF Prop.
  9. IRC 5.8 or 2.4Ghz VTX and relevant IBCrazy skew planar antenna.

More to follow shortly.

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EFPV Modular Tracker with Swappable VRX’s

Warning Picture heavy Long post Smile

So after owning a modified RMRC tracker with EagleEyes Diversity tracker unit i wanted to step up a gear and build something a bit tidier but also that enabled me to switch between 1.2, 2.4 & 5.8Ghz.

I would use NexWave Fatshark Modules mounted on Vero board so that they can be swapped out in seconds,.

I decided on one of Rory Games EFPV trackers with the upgrade kit.

Below are some starter pictures for sizing and also some of the build stages. As always click the pic’s for the full size versions

This is a top down view of the tracker , notice the holes into which the VRX modules will sit nicely.


Here we have the top section in progress, you can clearly see the slip ring section with the 12 wires for servos and the VRX modules, wiring was certainly a challenge but not impossible.




A very nice smooth ball raced section with pinion gear which i lubed with a small amount of grease.


The underside of the slip ring and the pan servo in shot now.



Top section completed apart from the wiring ,now for the fun part getting all the ancillaries into the bottom box.IMG_20150529_182430IMG_20150529_182544

Started wiring both top and bottom sections now. Will move onto the modules.


And here trying to keep the wiring tidy


The VRX’s were to be mounted onto VERO board with 4 way DIL switches and PCB edge connectors for easy removal.

Here’s some shots showing real world dimensions for those interested.


Now i had to transpose the pin outs of the VRX onto the Vero board which was reasonably easy, however some kind soul had already done a Vero board layout.



Below you can clearly see the tracks cut underneath the 4 way DIL switch.


Switch 1 on the DIL switch is UNUSED.

IMG_20150602_200819MODULE PINOUT

It IS worth noting that the pin outs on the 2.4Ghz VRX modules are different please see below.


And a 2.4Ghz (Left) & 5.8Ghz (Right)unit side by side , notice the audio channels and switch pins are swapped.


Here we have three VRX modules made up almost ready for use.


Now some almost finished pictures, i need to tidy up the lipo feed wires and generally tidy things up but you can see the progress.

I’ve also included some pictures of my old tracker for comparison.


Feel free to ask questions,and ill try and answer the best i can.

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Symantec Antivirus Back Door Advisory

In short SEP hooks itself into the Windows shell (explorer.exe) and scans system calls within this so if you try and download the EICAR test file using your favourite browser or by dropping the URL into an explorer window it will block it.


However if you do a HTTP GET request from DOS or another shell (Powershell for example) it doesn’t scan the file and hence it gets onto the file system = BAD.

I tested this by using a laptop on public Wi-Fi with the latest SEP AV definitions and dropped the following command into a DOS box


Just for giggles I did the same test with a laptop that uses MS SCCM SCEP and it was blocked.

I’m currently going through SEPM with a fine tooth comb to see if anything is amiss but if this is a gap in SEP then it’s a pretty damn big one!

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Skywalker Wing Bolt Mod

Well we all know the Skywalker has a tendancy to lose it wings Sad smile and as much as the rubber bands are good we all want an extra layer of redundancy, this mod aims to do just that.

Ive decided to use some M6 nylon threaded bar and someM6 Nuts.

Again pictures speak a thousand words, so have a look and click the pics for bigger versions.

Any questions just ask and i will reply.

Please note this mod is to be used in conjunction with at least 6 rubber bands if not 8.

So below are the parts needed to make the mod which consists of the following

  1. 2 x 100mm M6 Nylon Threaded Bar.
  2. 6 x M6 Nylon nuts
  3. 4 x M6 Nylon Washers
  4. Small piece of ply wood to make the brace.


Here you can see ive glued the bolts via washers to the ply.


And now dry fitted into the fuselage with the bolts so i can see where to make the holes in the wings.


And here you can see the bolts in place.

Ive glued 2 nuts and a washer to the top of each bar to make a bolt thats easy to hand tighten so the wing is held in place.IMG_20150312_215547

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SW 1900 Vector Installation

Nearing the end of the build now, need to stay focused and not rush.!!

So the vector will go in the top section, I’ve made 3 small holes as you can see, the idea being to keep the following separate.

  1. Servo wires and UBEC feed + Temp sensor probe mounted on ESC.
  2. 2 x FPV cam + Mic feeds and 3 way cam switch
  3. VTX output and P&T Servo leads

And the result is below, not perfect but then in FPV everything is a compromise.


Below you can just see the servo plugs peeping through. On the right side of the tray is the 80 Amp ESC with temp probe mounted so i can keep an eye on it.

And the left hand side is the CC 10Amp SBEC.

The 3-Way FPV Cam switch will be mounted underneath post LOS maiden when I’m happy everything is working as it should be,


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PowerCLI set vNIC connection status on POWER-ON

So after migrating our vm estate to a new Vsphere 5.5 data centre using VMware Replication we found alot of vm’s that didnt have their NIC connected on poweron which clearly is a bad thing.

Rather than going through 400 vm’s checking them individually i wrote a simple script that would do it for us 🙂 Just provide it with a vm list and let it run.

A future iteration of the script will simply trawl through all vm’s listed in the Vsphere servers DB and amend accordingly.

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Replacing custom AD attribute using Powershell.

So recently have been having some problems with a recent email migration.

One of the things we found were missing from migrated users was the amendment of a  custom AD attribute (#15) this attribute dictated how the exchange server dealt with forwarding the email to the destination address.

Hopefully its self explanatory but any questions please ask.

On non migrated users this attribute 15 is blank, to get the old Exchange server to forward on to the new user account on the new exchange environment then we have to set this attribute correctly which in our case is “gg+sn@source.local”


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Simple Calendar Permissions editing using Exchange 2010 Powershell

Here we have a nice simple way of amending Calendar permissions using the built in Exchange 2010 Powershell cmdlets.

.Substitute the name “KEITH” with the users logon name or email address. The red is what rights on the mailbox is they get set.

Enjoy 🙂

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Remote Registry set through Powershell

The above simple script will amend the two registry keys on each machine listed in the serverlist2.txt file

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Skywalker 1900 GPS Wing Mount

I wanted to semi flush mount the GPS on the opposite wing to the EzUHF RX to help with wing balance and also to add some EMI/RFI separation.

Be careful when you mark it out as my first marking was directly over the carbon wing spar which would’ve reduced structural integrity of the wing, So it got moved forward an inch and the cable flush mounted.

The wings will be covered post build once I’m happy all is good.

Original marking below which is directly over the wing spar… NOT GOOD..!!!


And now moved forward an inch Smile.. Happy days.


And below you can clearly see the semi flush fit which will do nicely.


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Skywalker 1900 Pitot Tube Stand-off.

Quick post this, In order to get the pitot tube ports into clear air I’ve decided to create a small mount.

This will be attached to the fuselage or wing using micro velcro so in the event of a crash it will just pop loose.


Should do nicely Smile


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Skywalker 1900 Motor Mount Mod

After seeing other peoples motors come off mid flight due to the torque and poor glue adhesion i decided to add some screws that will add extra torsional strength with the foam.

Below as you can see i drilled out and put 6 screws into the firewall, however in the end i only used 4.


Be careful to have the blind nuts the right way round Smile


Screws perfect length to hold in the foam bulkhead.


I added plenty of glue and mounted the firewall to the bulkhead. Used a popsicle stick and two runner bands to hold the mount firm against the firm. Also put 4 screws in the blind nuts which i will undue later to remove and glue that’s set in the blind nuts.


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Skywalker 1900 Slow progress (Marking out EzUhf Placement)

Not really felt like doing much building recently,but today i did a little more so thought a quick post was in order.

So I’ve marked out the cut-out for the EzUHF RX, on one wing. I’m going to run all 4 servo signal wires and one +ve and –ve back down the wing to keep the wiring mess to a minimum. So will be using SPPM my servo outputs will be as follows.

  • Servo ch1 = SPPM 1-7 + 11LQ & 12RSSI
  • Servo ch2 = CH8 – Pan
  • Servo ch3 = CH9 – Tilt
  • Servo ch4 = CH10 – Camera Switch.

Ive also roughly cut out the spot for the forward facing tail camera which should add an extra dimension to the FPV fun.

As always click the pic’s for the full size versions.

Below you can see where the 520TVL nano camera will fit, the cable run will be tidy running up through the tail boom. And you can see the placement of the 5.8Ghz VTX.


And below marking out the recess in the wing for the EzUHF RX. I will be switching to a dipole after maiden and fine tuning.


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2014 Skywalker 1900 Build log pt1

Well i got my SkyWalker 1900 for Christmas and finally got round to starting the build process. My intended setup is listed below

  • SW1900 Airframe
  • 4 x HITEC Servos
  • Castle Creations 10 Amp SBEC
  • 85 Amp JR PRo -B ESC
  • EzUHF 4ch Lite Rx with half wave tuned dipole
  • Eagletree Vector Flight controller
  • Sony EFFIO-V 800TVL camera on the nose.
  • 520TVL camera on the tail pointing forward
  • 3ch FPV camera switcher.
  • 600mW ImmersionRC VTX 5.8ghz with FPVLR Pentalobe antenna
  • Tiger 830KV motor
  • 12×6 XOAR propeller

The above setup should allow me to use either my 3S8300mah or 4S6000mah lipo’s for maximum endurance, I’m hoping for 50KM+ trips with careful throttle management.

As ever click on the pictures below for the full size versions, and I’ll put notes above each ones of significance.

So first of all, this thing is a beast Smile here it is propped up against my kitchen door, its huge.. I love it Smile20150113_203909

Here it is with my 550mm Alien quad for size comparison.IMG_20150102_104633~2

Here you can see i will be mounting a full CXN pan and tilt pod for both the gopro3 and the front FPV camera, this will give me full 360 degree pan and 45-0-45 degree viewing angles for some great aerial footage.


Inside the fuselage is absolutely carnivorous Smile lots of space for FPV gear Smile


I think my ET Vector will go in here nicely.


Speaking of space this is 2 x 4S3000mah , did i say this plane has room already? Smile


One of the floors of the old T-Tail Skywalkers is that they suffer from tail flap from the prop wash so i decided to strengthen mine using some double carbon fibre strips as struts. Now the tail doesn’t move at all Smile.


And here you can see the cable ready for the tail camera,.


Pulled through the servo extension cables for the tail cam, rudder and elevator, labelled up ready for the servo crimps later on in the build.


Going to put the Vector in the top bay so i can get to it easily, servo leads will run up through a hole in the foam. ExUHF on one wing and GPS on the other with the VTX on the tail boom this should give me maximum RFI and EMI separation for a clean signal.


Castle Creations 10Amp UBEC and 90 Amp ESC on the lower platform, the ESC also has a temperature probe mounted so i can monitor the temperature so if necessary i can make some air intake scoops, however from my Penguin build i can say that this wont be necessary. During a previous test flight i pulled 20 amps for 10 minutes constantly and the ESC never went over 50 degrees celcius.


Please ask questions or leave comments, i will be updating the blog post over the weekend when i get more time to spend on it.

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Alien X-Mode Quad, Full FPV Setup .!! Finished build pic’s.

So I’ve been asked to get some more pictures of the build and some comments so here goes. There’s also 2 videos at the end of the blog showing the build config and another of how i setup the EzUHF SPPM with the vector please take a look.

I’m just going to comment over each photo, again click the pic for full size. Smile

So a quick overview… Its an Alien X-Mode quad originally a 500mm frame with Aeroxcraft arms of standard size, Tiger 750KV motors swinging 11”x3.7” Carbon Fibre props.

Eagletree Vector Flight Controller, fatshark 250mw vtx and a Sony 600TVL camera and a FPVLR tuned 5 lobe rhcp pentalobe antenna.


This is all being controlled by an ImmersionRC EzUHF RX on 459mhx (UK legal Freq’s), all using SPPM.

I’ve embedded a youtube video i created on the SPPM setup using the EzUHF and the vector at the bottom of the blog Smile


I’ve put some distance between the GPS and RX and any other source of RFI / EMI which has helped the quads loiter performance.


Nice overhead shot Smile you can see space at the front where i mount the GoPro3


The CF props are amazing , super light and really well balanced.


Aeroxcraft arms showing the DJI E300 ESC’s underneath.



Quick overview video

Alien X-Mode Quad Build Review

Video showing how to setup EzUHF + Vector SPPM


And finally a video taken this winter out with a friend Paul without whom this build wouldn’t have happened check out his Youtube page Paul’s YT Channel

Fast forward to 3:00 for a close encounter.
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More Lipo Weight and Size comparisons

Overlander 3S 9000mah Lipo = 669 grams
Turnigy Nano-tech 3S 8400mah Lipo = 650 grams
Turnigy Nano-Tech 4S 3300mah Lipo = 337 grams

As ever click the pictures for full size version,.


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FatShark Dominators v2.2, with FS 5.8GHX VRX and tuned FPVLR Skew Planar.


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FPV QuadCopter Build Log

After flying FPV planes for some time i decided it was time to build a quad, and after having a go with a friends Reptile v2 i was bitten and thus began the the countless hours of internet research and questions asked of people in the know (Paul Page Smile).

I didn’t want to spend a fortune on a TBS Disco but i did want something that was easy to get spares for and was upgradeable. I also needed it to run from 3S lipo’s as i already have plenty of these

Also on my wish list was 10 minute flights fully loaded with FPV gear and a mobius for HD footage. Future modifications may include lower KV motors with carbon props to extend the flight times.

After much deliberation i settled on the following

  1. HJ MWC X-Mode Alien Multicopter Quadcopter  only £12 plus postage.
  2. Aeroxcraft Aluminium DJI Arms
  3. DJI E300 Motor / prop / ESC set
  4. Eagletree Vector Flight Controller with GPS assist.
  5. Sony 600TVL camera (from my spares box).
  6. Fatshark 5.8ghz vtx
  7. Varoius sundries (16AWG wire, velcro zip ties etc)
  8. And a large dollop of patience Smile

At this point I’m just going to insert all the pictures and put some notes above each of them, click the pictures for the full size versions and also if you want to see the videos then scroll to the bottom of the page for the FPV videos and some footage taken from the Mobius camera.

Firstly the power setup this nice little set is from DJI and consists on 2212-920KV motors and 9×4.3 props coupled with 30Amp opto ESC’s – The ESC’s do need calibrating contrary to what you might read on the net.

You get two sets of props, handy for learning Smile




Next up the arms, these are made by AEROXCRAFT and are very nice indeed, i did consider the AIMDROIX arms but you need spacers for them which add weight and cost, plus AEROXCRAFT are UK based and its nice to support UK suppliers.


Some mock-ups of how it would look roughly bolted together with esc’s and motors fitted to the arms.


And now the build begins flight controller stuck at the Center of Gravity point and started splicing the ESC cables together. I managed to save a few grams by cutting the esc and servo wires back and re crimping the ends, the result was quite tidy.


Here you can see under the top plate.


And some shots of the final build, GPS mounted at the rear away from power lines along with the 2.4ghz Frsky x8R receiver and fatshark 5.8ghz vtx.


Now for the flight tests, these were done with the Eagletree Vector on latest firmware and stock settings gains and PIDS, the only thing i configured was the S-BUS channel mapping and the 2D 2D+HH & 2D+Loiter flight modes on a 3way switch.

The below videos are testing 3S3300mah , 3S3900mah and 4S4000mah lipos for flight times.


And finally some footage from the mobius mounted on the “jello pad” showing how good this frame really is.


More to come when i have time to update the blog but please leave comments and ask questions.

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FPV Camera 3PIN molex differences. (Sony Super HAD II 600TVL & the Sony Effio-V 800TVL)

Stupidly i blew my first Effio-V as i thought the molex layout was the same however its not!!

After purchasing new pigtails for each camera the difference struck me, the +ve and signal wires are swapped.

So don’t get caught out like me see below


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Bixler 2 build #3 Finally Complete.

Been a long time coming but she is done Smile

Here’s the kit list.

  • Bixler 2 Kit from Hobbyking
  • 6mm solid carbon spar from  Easy Composites
  • OMA-3805-1200kv Motor
  • 10Amp Castle Creations ESC
  • APC 9×5 Pushed Prop
  • Small Parts CNC Motor Mount
  • EzUHF 4ch Lite Rx
  • JP Energ Pro-B 35 amp ESC
  • Immersion RC 5.8ghz Vtx
  • Eagletree Vector Flight Controller.
  • Hitec Servos all through.
  • Sony Effio-V 800TVL Camera.

Some pictures below, again click the pic’s for the full size versions Smile


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Overlander Lipos 3S3350mah & 3900mah (Bixler 2 FPV)

Quick post just wanted to show dimension and weight difference between these two packs.

Been using Overlander lipo’s for a little under a year and love them.

3S3350mah is quoted as being 224 grams but weighed in at 233 = 9 grams over weight.

3S3900mah is quoted as 308 grams but weighs in at 275 grams = 32 grams under weight.

I’ve yet to check the 4.2v to 3.6v capacity of the 3S3900 lipo just yet but can confirm the 3350mah lipo is a great pack,I only ever discharge down to 2600mah (roughly 80% capacity). These packs recover very quickly as well.

I will be posting a discharge graph later this week so we can see how the individual cells behave.

Time for some pictures Smile click the pic’s for bigger versions.


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Build log pictures FPV Bixler 2 #3

Random pictures from build #3, click pictures for bigger versions.

Will update descriptions later during the build.

2014-08-06 09.50.45

2014-08-06 09.50.52

2014-08-06 09.51.00

2014-08-06 09.51.12















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Finwing Penguin EzUHF Rx Wing mount

After mounting the VTX on the right wing, i decided to offset the balance by mounting the UHF RC on the left wing. Using SPPM meant i can minimize some of the wiring however i still needed 2 channels for pan and tilt,.

Click the pics for full size.

1. Testing out the fit, using a semi rigid dipole tuned to 459Mhz. (UK legal frequency).

2014-07-23 18.59.23

2. And with the 4CH Lite RX in place.

2014-07-23 19.10.15

3. fortunately theres a gap in the wings just behind the leading edge that allowed enough room for the 3 twisted servo leads.. (phew).

2014-07-21 20.56.21

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Finwing Penguin VTX Wing Mounting

Finnally got round to moving the ImmersionRC VTX mount onto the right wing and its made a big improvement.

No longer do i have the bulk of the fuselage in the way of my video signal when flying at distance.

Ground based tests going from skew to skew have given me over 3.5KM range.

As ever click the pic’s for larger versions.

  1. Marking out the placement.


2. Testing out the flush mount before routing the cables inside the wing.


3. Left enough of the heatsink to allow air cooling


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Finwing Penguin Upgraded control horns and control rods.

Following on from an earlier post HERE i completed the upgrade.

I replace all the control horns for DUBRO ones and replaced the control rods for home made carbon ones with adjustable metal clevises now the controls are really smooth and tight , no slop Smile.

Each were epoxied together for a solid bind,. The horns as well as being bolted both sides also had a dab of epoxy.

She is now super responsive but also extremely smooth.

Again click pic’s for larger version.

Elevator servo moved to the tail boom to help with CoG.

2014-05-23 18.03.35

Control rod and horn on the top of elevator to keep of the ground when landing.

2014-05-23 18.03.17

Aileron linkages

2014-05-23 18.02.532014-05-23 18.02.502014-05-23 18.02.36

Rudder linkage

2014-05-23 18.02.202014-05-23 18.02.13

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Penguin v2 Pan & Tilt Mobius POD Pt3

Well following on from Pt1 HERE and Pt2 HERE i thought id post a quick video showing the unit working in flight Smile

I do need to change the P&T servos for something a little smoother but you should get the jist.

Penguin Pan And Tilt Pod in action.
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ReadyMade RC CXN Designs Mobius & FPV pan and tilt pod.

As promised in my previous post Mobius Pan & Tilt Pt1 below is the finished item mounted in the Penguin v2 canopy.

Had to cut some of the foam back to mount the VTX further back so as to allow the P&T to rotate freely but its done now, and easily removable for when i upgrade the servos for something a little smoother.

As always click the images for bigger versions Smile

2014-05-22 22.11.592014-05-22 22.12.072014-05-22 22.12.262014-05-22 22.12.38

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Penguin v2 Pan & Tilt Mobius POD

Thought id do a quick post on this as the manual and instructions documented on line are very few and far between.

I decided that the Mobius camera was plenty good enough for my needs so wanted a decent P&T solution for my penguin, so here goes.

First the stock canopy with associated hardware. As usual click the pictures for full size images.

2014-05-22 18.14.372014-05-22 18.14.30

Now for what you get in the Penguin v2 pod kit and the P&T kit. Except for the servos they’re from my spares box. I’ve mocked up how everything goes together in the bottom right

2014-05-22 19.38.562014-05-22 18.12.41

Now at this point i’m not going to say much more and just let the pictures speak for them selves, make sure you’ve got a few spare servo horns of different sizes and screws.

Also don’t expect everything to fit perfectly, its solid and well made though, well worth the money

I decided to use 90minute epoxy for the build so it should be solid.

Complete build picture with everything in the canopy will be uploaded shortly after its all cured Smile.

2014-05-22 20.00.332014-05-22 20.00.402014-05-22 20.03.072014-05-22 20.03.142014-05-22 20.22.502014-05-22 20.22.172014-05-22 20.03.272014-05-22 20.05.492014-05-22 20.05.572014-05-22 20.05.442014-05-22 20.31.052014-05-22 20.31.552014-05-22 20.31.152014-05-22 20.31.422014-05-22 20.31.28

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Penguin v2 Almost built

Its been a long time coming but she’s almost built. Click images for full size picturesIMG_20140508_215438IMG_20140508_215520IMG_20140508_215532So far the build consists of:

  1. EzUHF 4 Ch Lire RX & custom 433mhz diploe, RX using 7ch in CPPM mode.Full house
  2. Full Hitec MG Servos.
  3. Eagletree setup, eloggerv4, OSDPRO, ASI, Baro Alt, v4 GPS & Guardian 2/3D.
  4. 80Amp JRP ESC seperate CC 10Amp SBEC
  5. Scorpion 3014-830KV motor swinging a 10×7 Xoar Beachwood prop on a SPCNC adjustable motor mount.
  6. Custom made carbon fibre control rods with Dubro nylon control horns.
  7. 25mW 5.8ghz vTX with skew planar antenna.
  8. 600TVL Sony Super HAD2 Camera.

More to come later, just a few more electrical bits to fit as well as the control rods for the ailerons and rudder, trim her out on the ground and LOS maiden should be very soon indeed.

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